The Setting


Crescent Valley, Thy Wandering Landberg

The skies of Ysgard hold magnificent floating island-continents called earthbergs. These land masses rarely collide with each other on the first layer of Ysgard, which is the habitable part of the plane. Those who find themselves on these earthbergs are at the mercy of the elements, for in this plane existence bleeds into the chaotic dimension called Limbo. Flying is normally out of the question for these people on the earthbergs. Normally.

Enter the Crescent Valley, an earthberg that continuously floats between all the other earthbergs. With its travels and ‘visits’ to other earthbergs come the calming of storm winds, which allow the brave to travel from one earthberg to Cresent Valley. Its because of this that the earthberg has been called the ‘land-porter’ by the locals. As an adventurer, you start your journey as either a visitor for various reasons, or one of the many natural-born people in the golem run city-state of Eldyon. These non-patitioners have called the Cresent Valley their home and most simply make a living trading with the other earthbergs on a seasonal basis. Your character would be an adventurer instead, looking to make a name for himself.

However your not alone. The mad petitioners gather forces to ‘challenge’ local law. Many other beings either seek exile or are on the run from others and choose to hide out in the valley. And ancient ruins are found throughout the valley, for its known to many that Crescent Valley is not a native earthbergs to Ysgard. And don’t forget those frost giants…

As Crescent Valley passes by, it makes regular trips around the most famous of the earthbergs. Depending on the winds and seasons, a planarologist (DC 25 Nature) can determine within three months if the earthberg will make a ‘stop’ at one of the following:

  • Alfheim: Land of thick forest, rivers and misty great lakes. Home to the wood elves of old. Here the elves worship Frey and Freya above all.
  • Jotunheim: This plane is a harsh realm of glaciers and volcanoes, desolate plains, and snow-capped mountains. The frost giant god Thrym hold court here.
  • Asgard/Vanaheim: Two realms shared together, this is the home to many of the Norse pantheon. Its sprawling hills and plains are met with great mountains and pristine lakes.
  • Gates of the Moon: Home of the snake-women, the lillends, who guard and worship at the foot of the Infinite Staircase. The staircase also doubles as the goddess Selunes’ home.
  • Merratet: This is the tropical home of the Egyptian goddess Bast. The realm of Netaph is shared here, with its numerous canyons. This is home to the Egyptian god of war Anhur.

New Arrival

The following is general knowledge that adventurers know before setting out on an adventuring life:

  • Your on the outer planes.
  • The name of the plane your adventuring in is called Ysgard.
  • You cannot play a petitioner.
  • Your on the flying continent of Crescent Valley.
  • The local city-state is called Eldyon, ran by autonomous lawful constructs.
  • Tall mountains, deep gorges, mighty rivers, and thick forest make up the terrain.
  • The famous factions that ruled and intervened in all matters planar have been removed from Planescape: Link here

The Setting

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