On the Valley


Eldyon Lands (demiplane)

Deep in the center of crescent valley lies the Eldyon lands, named after the major city in the center of the valley. There the center region has been deforested to make room for farmlands that support the central city. It’s here that the ancient constructs patrol Eldyon and its surrounding farmlands for road and building maintenance. The main river that cuts though the plains is called the river Bashet. The river flowing north and cutting into the nightmare lands is known as Black river, while the two southern rivers are known as the rivers Mirth (east) and Coldvale (west).

To the north of these tamed lands lie the ancient, dangerous forest of old known as Jabberwok forest (north). The Jabberwok is home to a terrible beast of old known as the Jabberwocky: a giant, bipedal immortal creature that devours man. However in this ancient forest also lie other beast of yore such as unicorns, pegasi, swannmays, dryads, and fay courts. But with each day must also some a night, for in the evening these creatures retreat to safety for undead versions of themselves stalk the forest.

To the south of these tamed lands lie the rotted, ancient forest known now as Carr Gunnar (south). What was once the elven civilization of Tyr’Alfnir now only lie ruin and despair, for the monstrous races of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and even Ettin now make their home here. If that were not enough, dark elves come from hiding from the ruined elven cities and seek out man for prey in their slave pits.

Nightmare Lands (demiplane)

North-West of the valley lies the ancient dead kingdom of unknown origin. Its surrounding lands are simply known as the nightmare lands. This haunted region has an unsettling landscape of a sickly green sky covered in cirrus clouds and cold temperatures. Upon the lands are poisonous purple and green glowing fungi that count as natural weather. Due to the sickly fungi, this region draws worshipers of gods who hold death and decay in their portfolio. The most popular cult worshipers that occupy the nightmare lands however are of the following: Jubilex (The Faceless Lord; abyssal lord) has a cult here known as the fleshless brethren. These cult members work with cult members that worship Zuggtmoy (Demon Queen of Fungi; abyssal lord) and have established these lands as their own with demons and dark elves.

To the predominantly human lands of the crescent valley, the nightmare lands represent a vile foothold of evil. To the abyssal powers that try to claim this territory, the nightmare lands are a place of political intrigue. In their cities lie many cultist from various powers such as Yurtrus (Orcish pantheon), Surma (Finnish pantheon), Incabulos, Nerull and Iggwilv (Oerthian pantheon), Kali (Vedic pantheon) Hel (Norse pantheon), and Dark God (Ancient power).

Voldheim and the Endless Moors (demiplane)

North of Eldyon lies the ancient Kingdom of Voldheim, a society that revolves architecturally and culturally around the Norse pantheon. In these haunted lands lie deforested moors and an edge of watery ocean that stretches for miles on its most northern borders that seem to pour down from the earthberg into the lower levels of Ysgard. The main capital here is Voldheim, a walled city that holds its royal family and superstition in power. Due to their impoverished lands, the people here have little in the way for trade. Like the vikings of old, some of them resort to pillaging for resources. Strangely enough, though the people here venerate the Norse powers, they themselves are not petitioners of Ysgard.

Threats in these lands include hill and frost giants, orcs and goblins, powerful witches and an undead presence over the eternally gray skies of Voldheim. However the greatest threat to life thus far has been the very eroded soil. Growing crops gets more difficult with each passing year.

Helvasberg and the Mountain Pass (demiplane)

Helvasberg is the small community of human, dwarven, halfling, and gnome city built into the mountainside.The rivers Bashet and Black start in the high mountain pass area. These picturesque mountain-valleys are home to one of the largest gnome petitioner populations in the planes, although a non-gnome would not even know it. From these lands lie ancient portals created by dark powers to seize a foothold into gnomish lands. Helvasberg military patrol the mountain passes to close these portals to stop planar invasions from the Abyss.

Silverlake and her Forest (demiplane)

Directly south of Helvasberg lies the ancient community of elves in Silverlake, both named after the serene, shallow crystal-clear lake and the ancient forest which it resides. Directly center of the lake rests Lake Tower, a magical 50’ foot white tower on a small island. These forest are perhaps the most peaceful, for they house elven petitioners of the Seldarine and a million plus elven population in the forest known as Silvas’Mirth.

Northshire and Southholm (normal)

These two bergs are reminiscent of European (Northshire) and Egyptian (Southholm) architecture. The small, five thousand people towns have access to alchemically powered hot-air balloons that can survive a descent into a nearby earthberg. The balloons may also ascent back to their origin town, however the balloons cannot be steered (much to the dismay of anyone being chased by an aerial predator, or pissed off Valkyrie that wants to put you in the dead-book).

On the Valley

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