Game Basics

4.0 D&D Core System

Movement Action
Movement happens simultaneously at the start of initiative. The winner of initiative may go at any time before the losers, including after their allies/opponents go.

Roll a 1d10 instead of a 1d20.

Characters may gain character awards that enhance their base statistics.

Actives (d20)
These are, more often than not, attack actions that may be used per round.

Class Skills
What your character knows. You may buy more with award points.

Fast Healing and Damage Reduction Modifications
In this game Fast Healing and Damage Reduction bonuses only apply the highest two bonuses together (stack). Any other bonuses after do not apply.

Weapon Styles
Weapon styles in 4.0 are a bit limited. With the class changes made to the game, there isn’t much in the way to differentiate between the weapon fighting styles. The following below are new additions that change all of that. These styles apply to all types of attacks.

One-Handed Style: Gain a +4 to initiative rolls.
Two-Weapon Style: Gain a +2 to damage rolls.
Two-Handed Style: Gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls, and a -1 penalty to AC.
Weapon and Shield Style: No changes.

Planescape has many settings mixed within its realms. This includes guns, as detailed below:

Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Handgun +2 1d8 15\30 30 gp 4 lb. Gun Armor Pierce, Load Standard
Rifle +3 2d6 20\40 40 gp 10 lb. Gun Armor Pierce, Load Standard
Cannon +2 3d6 10\20 50 gp 20 lb. Gun Burst, Fire Damage, Load Standard
Shotgun +2 3d6/1d6 3\6 35 gp 8 lb. Gun Armor Pierce, Cone, Load Standard

Note: The shotgun deals 1d6 damage in far range.
Note: The Rifle, Cannon, and Shotgun are two-handed weapons.

Load Standard: Takes a standard action to reload the weapon. A handgun can hold six shots before needing to be reloaded, a Rifle five shots, a Cannon only one shot, and a Shotgun two shots.
Armor Pierce: Ignores damage resistance equal to half the maximum dice damage. For example, a handgun ignores 4 points (1d8 = 8 divided by 2).
Burst: This weapon explodes out into a 20’ foot burst radius.
Cone: This weapon’s attack spreads out in a cone.
Fire Damage: Half this weapon’s damage is fire damage.


Game Basics

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