City-State of Eldyon


Leadership of the City-State

The city-state of Eldyon was recently founded some two-hundred years ago by the incantifer wizard Halvastor the Mad after discovering the ruins of an ancient site and restoring it to glory. Its been eight years since the the mad wizards disappearance, and no one has been able to keep control of the city-state except for the ancient constructs that maintain the roads and guard the gates of Eldyon. Local militias keep the peace, although this itself has caused problems. Due to this city being located within Ysgard, locals naturally align at being chaotic. No one pays any taxes (although ‘protection’ services can exists for businesses).

The architecture in Eldyon is a majority of colored clay homes, each adorned with a combination of natural foliage and flowers. Its not uncommon to see small gardens within the city, each maintained by constructs. More exotic buildings can be found that you would see in dark elven cities and even Sigil.

Cant is the constructs have claimed to keep guard and control the ancient site for thousands of years. And to that end they are correct; the strange, lawful constructs keep the roadways, walls and gates, and even the city repaired and defended despite the chaotic nature of Ysgard. Also of note, no Power has either taken notice or just doesn’t care about the magical nature of Eldyon. Some of the cities constructs are known to the masses, and are as follows:

  • Titanfall: The massive 50’ foot mithril golem stands by the gates to the city and acts as a sort of greeter to anyone entering or leaving the city with its white, lifeless eyes and blank facial features. It has made many a bloody smear of foolhardy petitioner looking for glory and the occasional marauding frost giant. Titanfall is mute.
  • Shana-rae/Gaea-rae/Mizki-rae: These three constructs made to appear like ancient toga-wearing greek goddesses of aquamarine and jade walk around the city with burlap sack in hand and plants shrubs and trees in specific places. They also make repairs to the walls and the roads. They speak planar common.
  • Living Statues: Marble constructs made of thaumaturgic clay and stone, living statues are crafted to appear similar to greek art style and meander about with no rhyme or reason. These type of constructs have been known to be hostile to those who commit assault. Living statues are mute.
  • Calderon: The 12’ foot marble construct looks like something out of Olympus. ‘He’ oversees the center-square and ancient aqueducts and other waterways. Speaks planar common and is often recognized as the unofficial leader of the constructs.

Kings Square

In the center of the market square lies the great central fountain; a 120’ foot by 30’ foot high fountain depicting three calvarymen raising spears to one another. Each has some sort of family crest long forgotten. The fountain and other waterways are maintained by Calderon the living construct. The marketplace is also the place to find common, non-specialty goods and some exotic wares like silks and spices from other earthbergs.

Edge Tower

The mad wizard Halvastor kept a tower at the center of town. With a foreboding look of metal spikes atop this 100’ foot granite tower, it earned the name ‘edge tower’ by the locals. Since his disappearance, it has been claimed by would-be despots and orphans calling it kip. With the fact that this massive tower is partitioned in eight different areas, different people of power take residence as the tower acts as its own fortified bastion.

Gardens District

The gardens district is the local park within the city. An area exactly one city-block big, this garden is maintained by living statues that are careful not to harm anything. The garden itself is carefully maintained to look a certain way, and due to the living statues constant supervision, never deviating from that pattern. The garden itself has many different rose-plants on display, a stone path of colored rocks, lanterns lit and maintained, and different shrubs cut to resemble different mythological figures.

Eldyon Proper

The majority of the walled city is made of magical clay and stone walls erected by the many constructs of the city. Some buildings have been erected to have more stature than others, although there is little claim to any one building except ‘my family was here first’. Due to the constructs however, there is a clear measure of structural stability in Eldyon city, and even the nearby 20’ miles of farmland.

City-State of Eldyon

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