Character Creation

Choosing a Race

Creating a race is described in the Infinite Races section. You will create a 40 point race with those rules.

Ability Scores

All of these statistics are the same as the core book. Characters may spend 35 points to determine ability scores as the table below dictates:

Ability Score Score Cost Ability Score Score Cost
9 - (1)* 14 5
10 0 (2)* 15 7
11 1 16 9
12 2 17 12
13 3 18 16

*If your score is 8, you can pay 1 to make it 9 or 2 to make it 10. You must buy your score up to 10 before you can improve it further.

Core Stat Block

Each character has 30 + Constitution Score in hit points.
Each character has 20 + Constitution Score in stamina.
Regenerate 2 + Constitution modifier stamina every round.
Every character must choose two of the following. +1 to either Fortitude, Reflex, or Will defense. Do this four times. Bonuses may stack.

Starting Package

Characters start out with the following package of powers, skills, gold, and class skill points below.

Characters start out with four powers.
Characters start out with four skills.
Characters start out with 100 gold.
Characters start out with 12 class skill points to spend.
Gain 3 potions of your choice.

Character Creation

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