There is no inner beauty


A capable swordswoman with freakish strength, near-limitless stamina
and resilience. Krisis has created a reputation for bar-brawling and putting berks
and bubbers in the dead-book for getting out of hand (or pissing her off).

She has the face of a fey and a demon: Her angular features would almost
grant you the illusion of an elven girl with mottled brown hair, bar it the
unnaturally long six-inch ears and evil-ass grin showing off her pointed teeth.
Oh, and don’t forget the cat eyes. And the hissing.


Since her birth, life’s been nothing but a grave disappointment.
Being a Tiefling in the Cage can be just as bad as being one in Mount Celestia.
Especially when no ones sticking up for you.
No parents, no siblings, no friends, except…
a good blade at your hip and some jink in your purse.

On the run from the law for misdemeanors and recklessness, Krisis has
fled the Mercykillers of Sigil to live a life on the run. Since arriving at Crescent
Valley however, Krisis has had a slight change of heart. She seeks fame
(or infamy) and fortune here on the valley. Looking ever watchful for adventurers
to seek fortune, Krisis is on the hunt.


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